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Testimonials from the Sky's the Limit Team


 Caroline McIntosh, 
Former Executive Director,
Sky’s the Limit Youth Organization

Having worked under and alongside Lara during the last 12 years, I have learned first hand what it means to give back to the community. Her tireless efforts to build and lead an organization to serve under-resourced youth has been an inspiration to me as a humanitarian, a woman, and as a professional.


At the start of the pandemic, Lara championed our cause to family and friends to generate emergency funds to address the extreme need for technology as students across the country were abruptly sent home to engage in online learning. Her fundraising efforts were critical to the survival of our organization and our ability to successfully serve our recipients where they were in most dire need. 


In over 20 years of operations, Lara has never drawn a salary from Sky’s the Limit. She volunteers her time, energy, and service to our cause and in doing so has given us unique advantages and opportunities to continue our mission to benefit youth in need. Truly, without Lara, Sky's the Limit Youth Organization would not be what it is today. We certainly wouldn't have been able to help the over 5000 youth we have helped without her industrious dedication.

Testimonials from Our Partners


O’Neil Edwards, 
Former Coordinator of Mentoring, 
Pathways to Education Program, Toronto, Ontario

 Pathways to Education and Lara Tavares have built a model that supports the students who are most in need. The opportunity to build and change more lives is of the utmost importance. Students are not just getting a computer from Lara’s organization, Sky’s the Limit, they receive tutoring on how to operate the software and the basic fundamentals on how to put their computer together. Pathways and Lara are uniquely situated and making a difference to the human potential. That is the power of community succession and changing not just one person’s life but communities across Canada.


Lisa McPhee
Former Assistant Director,
Capgemini North America

 Working with Lara Tavares as a Sky's the Limit Ambassador was a truly humbling experience. She is one of those awe inspiring people who lights up a room the minute she enters it.  Her tireless dedication and passion towards helping underprivileged youth makes everyone around her want to do better and be better. It was my absolute pleasure to work with her.

Testimonials from Our Recipients


the 2000th recipient of a Sky's the Limit laptop

I am an honour roll student attending Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario! I am currently in my last year of high school and intend on graduating with double honour. However, my educational journey has been a trying one, as I am currently without a computer. I have struggled on numerous occasions trying to find different ways to access a computer, just so I wouldn't lose any marks because my work wasn't typed. I have also not been able to keep up with many class assignments, and have been at a disadvantage when I am assigned a task, as these tasks all require a computer. I have now also come to the realization that university is not going to be any easier than high school and in fact, having a computer is a definite must for all students. I cannot imagine not having access to a computer for my future endeavors as an athlete, mediator, singer, poet, and so much more. As our world becomes more and more dependent on technology, it is evident that eventually I would have been left behind while attempting to hand write my work. STL has given me a tool that has played a large role in being the first in my family to attend university and make my family proud. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Pictured with Kim Thomas (left) and Rema Sinclair (right)

Testimonials from Our Donors


Terry Power,
Former President,
Sapphire Canada Limited

 Like most people connected to charitable causes, Lara is very committed to making a real difference in other people’s lives. She truly has made it her passion to see Sky’s the Limit grow on a national basis and therefore influence as many lives of underprivileged Canadian kids as possible. She has a very strong business acumen and is also very down-to-earth in terms of her expectations. I find this combination works extremely well in running an organization with such lofty goals. Lara is entirely comfortable, regardless of the role she is in or the cause she is supporting. She is equally adept at making strategic decisions as she is with handling individual situations. She is the consummate “roll up your sleeves and get it done” type of person. 

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