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How Do I Get a Laptop from Sky's the Limit?

Sky's the Limit Youth Organization has always thrived on being an adaptable organization that shifts with the current needs of our target audience. We are choosing to streamline our efforts and focus on our current community partner organizations to serve our youth. We will be fundraising exclusively for the following organizations for the foreseeable future:


Pathways 2 Education Regent Park

Rexdale Hub 

The Good Guides

NPAAMB (Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board)

Uchenna Academy

Say Somaali 


As always, we are open to building new partnerships within our underserved communities. If you feel your organization may be a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out! Keep in mind that, as always, our goal is to partner with organizations who focus on youth in underserved communities. These organizations must have tech empowerment and learning opportunities. 

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