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News Bulletin - Special Event!

Sky's the Limit Youth Organization Celebrates National Volunteer Week!
STL Volunteers
STL Volunteers
STL Volunteers
STL Volunteers
STL Volunteers
Sky's the Limit Youth Organization Volunteers 2008

vol-un-teer - (verb) to perform or offer to perform
a service of one's own free will, to do charitable
or helpful work without pay

STL thanks all of our current and past volunteers!
Volunteers contribute to the success of our unique initiative
by donating their energy, skills and time. We would not
be able to achieve our goals without them.

STL volunteers (2008):
Adam Reeve, Alana Bridgewater, Amy Wong, Andree MacDonald, Anna Keenan, Arnie Blackwell, Audrey Cole, Barbara Peters, Calvin Beal, Christine Bevan, Christine Schloen, Cynthia Wilson, Dane Hartsell, Daniel Davidzon, Daouda Leonard, Davinder Dhillon, Doreen Power, Francisca Cartagena, Grace Han, Graham Taylor, Halim Ibrahima, Ivana Santilli, James Tanner, Jay Martin, Jenny Nuttal, Jermaine Richards, John Palmer, Kadeem Bradshaw, Kristen Ogden, Larry Nicols, Latoya Dwyer, Lisa McPhee, Lisa Louie, Lorie Blackwell, Louis-Justin Bessette, Marieke James, Marni Schecter-Taylor, Marsha Nicols, Matthew Sinclair, Maurice Tavares, Micheline Amba, Music by Agile, Pamela Ng, Patrick McInenly, Peter Wan, Ramon Tavares, Raquel Lowe, Rejean Marchildon, Renee Weekes, Ron McKenna, Shamaka, Shawna Coxon, Sonya Bhatia, Stephanie Singleton, Stephen Feller, Sue Nuttal, Terry Brown, Terry Power, Tony Bradshaw, Trecia Clarke, Wally Trenholm, Wade O Brown, Will Strickland

Number of hours volunteered (2008): 2061
(STL Volunteers, STL Board Members, STL Volunteer Founder/CEO)

Major volunteer assisted computer deliveries (2008):
Pathways to Education, Pinecrest: 142
Pathways to Education, Regent Park: 95
Shawanaga First Nations Reservation: 80
First Nations School of Toronto: 40
Stepstones for Youth: 32
Costi Immigration Services: 20

Come to our Event on June 23rd and meet our
STL Volunteer of the Year Award Winner!!!

If you are interested in becoming an STL volunteer, please download, complete and return the Volunteer Application Form

STL Logo Sky's the Limit is dedicated to addressing the widening digital divide in Canada by providing students with access to the tools and resources they need to pursue the infinite opportunities and possibilities available to them.

Core value - STL provides services to all under-resourced youth regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation..."Everybody's kids or nobody's kids"

1470 refurbished computers placed to date!!!

2009 Sky's The Limit Youth Organization -
Sky's the Limit is a Canadian Registered Charity BN85757 9742RR0001 
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